Msc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

This course is designed to cover the basic and advanced concepts of epidemiology and many advanced techniques in bio statistics and therefore to train personnel who are able to and competent in analyzing and interpreting data.

The course aims to equip graduates with knowledge in epidemiology and bio statistics and that have latest skills in analytical epidemiology and bio statistics.


At the end of the course students will be able to C communicate with other epidemiologists and bio statisticians about technical issues and problems and be able to work within a health team to analyse data.

Apply the skills to the current major health related problems.

U understand current medical literature and enhance critical analysis of research findings in order to make appropriate decisions.

Design and carry out different types of epidemiological studies independently or in collaboration.

Advance to higher education, especially PhD and later  postdoctoral studies.

Curriculum overview Modules to be covered

In total there are 25 modules

Module MSc Epidemiology and Applied Biostatistics

First semester of the first Yea

Epidemiology (EBP 001)*

Bio statistics (EBP 002)*

Research methodology (EBP 003)*

Introduction to computer packages (EBP 004)

Data collection tools (EBP 005)

Data base design (EBP 006)

Data entry and management (EBP 007)

Design surveillance system (EBP 008)

Problem solving (EBP 009)

Confounding/bias (EBP 010)

monitoring and evaluation (EBP 011)

non communicable disease (EBP 012)

Communicable disease control (EBP 013)

Linear regression (EBP 014)

Foundation course, common to all master programmes

Second semester of the first year     

Linear regression technique (EBP 014)

Logistic regression I technique (EBP 015)

Logistic regression II technique (EBP 016)

Poisson regression technique (EBP 017)

Research project proposal-I (RPP-I = EBP 018)

First semester of the second year

Field rotation placement module (EBP 019)

Survey data (EBP 020)

Survival data (EBP 021)

Multilevel modals (EBP 022)

R package (EBP 023)

Research project proposal-2 (EBP 024)

Second semester of year two

Research project proposal – III (EBP 025)

Degree award

A candidate who fulfils the above conditions shall be awarded the degree of Master of Science in Epidemiology and Applied Bio statistics of Tumaini University Makumira, KCMU College.