BSc in Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing offers a three year undergraduate programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc. N) degree of Tumaini University.  The programme aims at educating nurses and midwives who have already undergone a basic training programme in Nursing Midwifery and Psychiatry it is designed to educate and produce nurses who will be able to address contemporary and future need of Tanzanians.

 Overall Program Objectives

  • The graduate nurse will be equipped to work within the health care system and his/her roles will be to:
  • Engage in professional nursing  practice, utilizing a recognized nursing philosophy.
  • Utilize the nursing process effectively in the delivery of  health care services to all clients across their life-span and in all settings.
  • Provide leadership and managerial skills for improvement of  health and nursing care within her/his scope of practice.
  • Engage in experiential  learning through  reflective practice and peer evaluation. Recognize the need for continuous personal and professional development in order to maintain competence in her/his practice. Conduct relevant research and publish findings to enhance education, practice and management in nursing. To critique and utilize research results  in improving nursing and health care.
  • Apply  scientific, political, economic  and social science knowledge  in analyzing and addressing professional and societal problems.
  • Demonstrate professional knowledge,  skills   and competence in health promotion, risk prevention and reduction, and the management and care of clients.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of  personal and professional values and recognize their impact on decision making and professional behavior as they relate to the provision of care of clients.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how health care delivery systems are organized and financed and their effect on patient care services.
  • Demonstrate competence in the teaching, planning, implementation and evaluation of educational and health programmes for a variety of clients in difference settings.


The three-year programme is divided into six semesters and each year is comprised of two semesters.

The programme is tailored to meet the needs and challenges of the students.  In Semesters 1 and 2, students are introduced to the Basic Biological Sciences and Communications Skills.

In Semesters 3 and 4 students are introduced to Nursing Leadership and Management (theories and processes), the Social Sciences (Anthropology, Sociology, Development Studies and Psychology), Community Health Nursing, Research Methodology and Advanced Nursing Science (Medical Ethics, the use of the Nursing Process and Health Assessment).  During semester 4 through 6 learners continue with advanced concepts of Nursing Leadership and Management, Nursing Science and Entrepreneurship, Community Health Nursing, Research Methodology, Nursing Education and Advance Nursing Science (Oncology, Pain Management and Maternal and Neonatal Health)..

Entry qualifications

Three principal passes in Chemistry, Biology and either Physics or Mathematics or Nutrition with a minimum of 6 points. Whereby one must have at least C grade in Chemistry and at least D grade in Biology and E grade in Physics or Mathematics or Nutrition.