BSc in Physiotherapy

Diploma  in Health Laboratory Science

BSc in Health Laboratory Science

Doctor in Medicine (MD)

Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Bsc in Physiotherapy

BSc in Prosthetics & Orthotics

Diploma in HIV and AIDS CARE

Bsc in Nursing

This course runs under the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine for four (4) years for direct entrants and three (3) years for the equivalent entrants.

Graduates from this programme are expected to have high Physiotherapy professional competence in clinical practice so as to raise the standards of health care services.

The candidates with diploma in physiotherapy will combine year two and year three contents during their second year and complete the course in 3 years.

Theory hours shall include lectures, discussion seminars and tutorials. Practical hours shall include practical demonstrations in the physiotherapy laboratory and Gymnasium, clinical bedside teaching and supervised clinical practice within the hospital and in the rehabilitation centers

Specific Objectives

  •  The programme aims to produce graduate physiotherapists enabled to:
  • Promote health and social well being  of individuals and groups through evidence based practices  towards the assessment, treatment and evaluation of physiotherapy interventions.
  • Provide physiotherapy  services according to individual needs
  • Manage physiotherapy services
  • Work  effectively as members of multi-disciplinary  health   care teams in either acute hospital, rehabilitation centers and community based settings.
  • Conduct research within  healthcare services.
  • Adapt  physiotherapy  approaches to  the changing health needs globally and in their own local settings.
  • Enhance self physiotherapy continuous  professional development
  • Engage into physiotherapy education   program by training others

Entry qualifications

All courses are taught in English. Therefore it is imperative that students are proficient in reading, writing and speaking English. It is upon the candidate to satisfy oneself that he/she meets this important requirement and provides evidence thereof (e.g. TOEFL iBTTM score of 65 and above or equivalent) registering for any course at this college

Direct Entry

  • Ordinary Level Secondary Education Certificate with  three credits or five passes in biology, chemistry and physics/mathematics
  • Advanced level Secondary School Education certificate with at least two principals and a subsidiary and a minimum point aggregate of 4.5 in biology, chemistry and physics/mathematics

Equivalent Entry

  • Ordinary Level Secondary Education Certificate with three credit passes in biology, chemistry and physics/ mathematics.
  • Advanced level Secondary School Education certificate with at least two principals in biology, chemistry and physics/mathematics.
  • A Diploma in Physiotherapy certificate with an overall average of grade B or above from an approved and recognized institution by TCU or NACTE in anatomy, physiology, pathology, physiotherapy / therapeutic skills, and clinical practice during the period of diploma study