MMed Urology

1.1  Programme objectives and philosophy


To train suitable candidates to augment the national need for specialists in medical disciplines, which will improve the roles expected for Tanzanian Consultant Hospitals in teaching, service, and research.


Graduate in MMed Urology is expected to be able to work independently as a specialist

in the field (general abdominal surgery and urology) with an understanding of the

the scientific basis of urologic surgical disease, the scientific basis of clinical surgical and

urologic practice and have the knowledge, skills, attitude, and ethics, related to the profession.

1.2  Exit levels available with respect to UQF description

There will be only one final exit in this programme. The candidate will exit at UQF 9 and will be awarded an MMed urology degree, after passing all prescribed courses. The MMed will be conferred to candidates who meet all the KCMUCo of the Tumaini University Makumira requirements not more than 5 years after their admission to the MMed urology programme.

1.3   Programme expected learning outcomes and its associated teaching/learning activities and assessment criteria 


  1. To discuss systematically and extensively the anatomy of the genital urinary tract as a whole and its links to the various diseases of the urinary tract.
  2. Interpret all urological investigations both radiological and lab investigations.


  1. To apply specialized skills required for continuous professional development and use of established techniques to perform all urological surgeries.
  2. To systematically gather information, analyze, interpretation of ideas concepts, and data from different sources including scholarly journals
  1. To manage complex problems, demonstrating creativity in formulating, and applying solutions in managing urological patients
  2. To evaluate community Urological needs and propose
    appropriate scientific interventions.
  3. To design and implement the urological study and other scientific work accurately and reliably using the full range of principles governing medical research.