Kajiru Kilonzo

Dec 17, 2021

Kajiru Kilonzo is a Physician and Associate Professor at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College and head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University teaching hospital KCMC. In the past 15 years of working in this resource discovering setting, the use of technology towards dealing with the human resource crisis has made a lot of sense. In 2009 while managing the acute peritoneal dialysis project for children and post-partum women with acute kidney injury, we noted inadequate referrals which lead to writing a grant on the smartphone-based point of care testing for acute kidney injury to increase referrals. After a fellowship in South Africa, I have been successfully involved in opening and managing 4 dialysis units in the Northern zone with 150 patients and counting. These have allowed me to grow in management of human resources and as ahead of the department of internal medicine we have embarked on electronic medical records in the past year setting the ground towards technology-driven quality improvement.

This quality improvement initiative has allowed more efficient use of human resources for health and might lead to further resource discovery. In the University College, I have been involved in the use of technology towards a more streamlined delivery of the curriculum with the online examination which places me in a unique position to embark on hypertension control and management. As a physician managing the sequela of hypertension on a daily basis the high morbidity and mortality from infections, heart failure, strokes, and kidney failure motivate me to look for a preventive solution. The recognition of using available evidence in the Prevention of TB among diabetic patients has led me into clinical trial research which is currently ongoing. Prevention of the Sars-Cov-2 disease is a growing area that is being explored.