2nd round admission 2023/2024

The following applicants have been selected in the second round to join various undergraduate degree programmes for the academic year 2023/2024 at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo). Each one must carefully read and understand his/her admission status and act as follows:-

Applicants with Single Admission:

Applicants in this category do not need to confirm, that they have been selected to join KCMUCo only and are required to log in to their accounts, download the admission letter and other admission documents, obtain a control number for fee payments, and continue with registration processes.

Multiple Admissions:

Applicants in this group have been selected to join KCMUCo and other institutions. They are required to urgently log in to their accounts on the KCMUCo Online Application System (OSIM) and confirm their admission before the deadline. Failure to confirm by the deadline will indicate that you have NOT accepted the offer and your slot will be filled by other qualified applicants. Please note, that the admission letter and other admission documents will only be accessible to candidates who have confirmed.

In order to confirm your selection please follow the following steps:-

  1. Login to your KCMUCo-OSIM account (osim.kcmuco.ac.tz)
  2. Read instructions carefully
  3. Request confirmation code (use either Vodacom, Airtel, or Tigo to get a code).
  4. After receiving a code; enter confirmation code then confirm.
  5. Download the admission letter and other information

Those whose names do not appear in the lists below should consider themselves as not selected and are welcome to reapply for the third round of applications which will open on 25 September 2023.