College Support Orgrans

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The Library

Th e library provides facilities for literature search.  It has 20,000 volumes and about 40 periodicals and journals and a medical illustration unit. In addition various schools have their own small libraries.  The main library staff give expert advice on how to manage them.

 Library Opening Hours

Monday- Friday:  9.00 a.m.  to 10.00 p.m.

Saturday:   9.00 a.m.  to   6.00 p.m.

The Teaching Hospital

  KCMC is a referral hospital for the Northern Zone of Tanzania (Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Arusha, Manyara, Dodoma and Singida).  In addition, KCMC has well established Outreach Services and Community Health Services, whereby its specialists visit hospitals in many parts of

the country by air or by road, with over 250 service days per year.  Other outreach activities are home visits by the social welfare department, mother-child health care and occupational therapy.

 Th e teaching and research activities going on in the hospital are intense. This hospital is the main teaching hospital for the KCMUCo. It provides and promotes a very conducive environment for teaching and learning.

Student Welfare Services

Hostel and Accommodation

Th e Kilimanjaro Hostel is within the college campus can accommodate about 44 college students mainly new comers.

Th e Nuru Hostel facilitated by the Good Samaritan Foundation accommodates 60 college students is close-by within one kilometer from the college. Both hostels have food catering services.

A accommodation in some of the allied schools hostels is extended to KCMU-College students. Some of these hostels have cooking facilities.

Additional lodging facilities and also preferred by students are offered by neighboring rent houses within two to three kilometers of the college campus.

Student Activities

 Student activities are organised by Tumaini University Students Organisation (TUSO) and Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center Students Organisation (KCMUC-SO).  They are concerned with student’s academic, social and recreational activities.  Plans have been made to expand sports and games facilities in order to cater for the needs of increasing number of students and staff.

Religious Activities

 KCMUC is committed to proclaim Christ through healing, teaching and research.  It strives to combine professional excellence with a spirit of compassion and servant hood in the course of fulfilling the call of teaching, healing and research.

 Although KCMUC is a Christian institution, students and staff have complete freedom of worship.  Membership, too, of the College is open to all persons without distinction of race, ethnic origin, sex or religion.

 Th ere are facilities for worship for Christians and other denominations. The Chaplaincy is ecumenical and the Department of Clinical Pastoral Education provides pastoral services to the KCMC Community including neighboring communities.  The Chaplaincy provides spiritual consultation to patients, staff and students.