Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

The establishment of a Diploma program in Health Laboratory Sciences at KCMU College is intended to raise the number of well-trained Laboratory Technologists that are in great demand to fill in various positions at the different levels of public health care and research system.

The graduates are expected to be competent enough for starting and running private laboratory services to complement the efforts of the government to provide quality laboratory services all over the country. As a side benefit, the program will produce graduates who are potential applicants to enroll for BSc in Health Laboratory Science Programmes that are currently being conducted at the KCMU College and MUHAS.

Course Content

The course shall be conducted on a semester basis. There will be two semesters for each academic year.  The subjects to be studied shall be divided into introductory subjects, which will be taught during the 1st year, while principal subjects will be taught during the 2nd year and 3rd years.

During the third year, the student will do a fieldwork attachment to a Zonal or Regional reference laboratory and write a report.

There will be departmental rotations covering the principal subjects of microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, hematology, blood transfusion, parasitology, and psychopathology during the second and third years

Direct Entry

Holders of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with four (4) Passes in non-religious Subjects including two (2) credit “C” Passes in Chemistry and Biology and “D” in Physics, a Pass in English Language and Basic Mathematics is an added advantage.

 Equivalent Entry

Holders of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with one (1) credit and two (2) passes in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Basic Mathematics.

A certificate in Medical Laboratory Assistant trained through knowledge-based Curriculum and successful passed bridging program (NTA level 5 semester 1 module).