Directorate of Continuing Professional Development

The directorate of CPD at KCMUCo, we believe in the transformative power of continuous learning and development. As the cornerstone of personal and professional growth, our mission is to empower individuals to thrive in their chosen fields by providing a dynamic platform for lifelong learning.

Our dedicated team at the KCMUCo is committed to fostering a culture of excellence through comprehensive and innovative professional development programs.

We provide a wide range of opportunities that are customized to meet your goals, whether you are an experienced professional trying to stay on top of the capability or a young professional keen to learn new skills, knowledge, and abilities.


  • Provide a platform for professionals to engage in continuous learning, ensuring the acquisition of updated knowledge and skills.
  • Design and deliver specialized courses aligned with market demand to enhance the proficiency of participants.
  • Maintain strict adherence to the guidelines set by the Medical Council of Tanzania (MCT) to guarantee the quality and credibility of our CPD courses.
  • Pursue and attain accreditation from the MCT, reflecting our commitment to meeting national standards and fostering excellence in healthcare education.
  • Develop and update course content to reflect the latest advancements, ensuring that participants remain at the forefront of their respective fields.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities, encourage collaboration among professionals, foster a supportive community, and strengthen the impact of shared knowledge.


Our CPD courses are tailored to address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. We focus on delivering content that is directly applicable to your daily practice, ensuring immediate and tangible benefits. Learn from experienced and renowned professionals in the field. Our courses are facilitated by experts who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and insights to the learning experience.

We understand the demands of a busy professional life. Our CPD courses offer flexible learning formats, including in-person workshops, online modules, and blended learning options, allowing you to choose the mode that best fits your schedule.

Visit our CPD Courses Page (insert link) for detailed information on upcoming courses, schedules, and registration details.


Explore our CPD Courses (insert link) to view the complete list of courses.

Select the course(s) of interest and review the details. Follow the registration instructions on the course page.

Enhance your professional skills and contribute to your field’s advancement!

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Take the next step in growing your career by investing in your professional development with KCMUCo CPD courses. Join us as we strive for excellence!


  1. CPD courses Offered [Brief Description]
  2. Grant writing training course [Brief Description]
  3. Data management and analysis [Brief Description]
  4. Scientific manuscript writing training course [Brief Description]
  5. Qualitative Research Methods Training Course [Brief Description]
  6. Palliative Care [Brief Description]
  7. Introduction to basic communication and counseling skills [Brief Description]
  8. Resistant hypertension management [Brief Description]
  9. Clinical virology course [Brief Description]
  10. The basics of one health [Brief Description]
  11. Current management of HEPATITIS B AND C [Brief Description]


The fees for short courses for participants should be deposited at in Bank.

For local Currency (TZs)

BANK Name: National Bank of Commerce (NBC)

Account number: 017101001339

For foreign currency (USD)

BANK Name: National Bank of Commerce (NBC)

Account number: 017105000676      


The applicant should scan and submit payment in a slip at least two weeks before the commencement of the course.