Capacitating Sub-Saharan African HEIs to educate Nursing Students for Sustainable and Innovative Infection Prevention and Control practices (InfPrev4frica)
Project Description
InfPrev4frica project began in June 2023 and aims to capacitate Nursing HEIs from SSA, to facilitate the development of nursing students’ competencies in healthcare-associated infection prevention and control, in response to the need to improve the quality of healthcare in this area, increasing its safety and effectiveness, one of the world-wide health priorities that gains special importance in this African region. Intervening in the education process of future professionals and simultaneously strengthening the link between the academy and present professionals, this project proposes to improve the quality of HE in SSA, enhancing its relevance for the labor market and society, in line with their competencies and skills level and potential.

To this, innovative nursing curricula, focused on infection prevention and control, innovating in content selection and approach, learning objectives, and the improvement of partner’s teaching/learning pedagogical methods/tools, will allow the development of high-level thinking competencies, arising nursing students’ innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Aligned with the undeniable fact that education of health professionals’ design involves the accordance with the health needs of the society where care is provided, the main outcome of this project is an innovative pedagogical model that formally addresses this Scopus in SSA cultural and healthcare reality, as for patient safety to result in safe practice and improved patient outcomes, it has to be meaningful to the students. To achieve this Model, along with innovative methods and tools, namely in simulation-based learning, the project’s main activities are the design, piloting, evaluation, and implementation of the InfPrev4frica Model and Simulation Scenarios, resulting in InfPrev4frica E-book. Up to 70 nursing professors, 200 nurses/healthcare stakeholders, and 1200 nursing students will be introduced to this new pedagogical conception, which will continue to be disseminated by the InovSafeCare Community in SSA.

Kick-Off Meeting

Within the scope of the Erasmus+ InfPrev4frica Project (Capacity Building 101083108), the first meeting of the consortium (Kick-off Meeting) took place at the Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa (ESEL) where partners from Tanzania, Madagascar, Poland, and Coimbra were present. , starting in-person work on this project that will be developed over the next 3 years. 

Group Photo comprising KCMUCo Project Coordinator Jane Rogathi,  the project overall coordinator Maria do Rosário Pinto from Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa, KCMUCo Assistant Coordinator Paulo Kidayi, KCMUCo Grants Manager Victor Selengia, and Project Accountant Wisdom Mbowe