Fees Structure

Fee Structure : Click to open Revised Fee 2019 – 2020

Payment of fees and other financial obligations are a contract  between the University College and the students. It is the sole responsibility of the student to solicit for the fees and deposits and pay in a timely fashion.

With exception of finalists, excess fees paid by  sponsor/guardian/parent shall be carried forward to the next academic year.

 Fees paid will not be refunded if a student withdraws or leaves the  College without permission.

The College accounts are for College activities only and personal   funds should not be routed through the accounts.

 Double sponsorship is not allowed. In such an event the fees of one  of the sponsors will be returned to the sponsor.

 Fee and other payments should be made directly to the College Bank   account and a pay-in-slip shall be presented and receipted for   registration purposes.

Revised Fee Structure 2019 – 2020

The tables shown in the document attached here present estimates of typical costs for different programmes at the University College.

 Actual costs will vary depending upon the specific year and needs of the student.

Foreign students shall be required to pay for resident permit, and must check the prevailing amount as may be determined by the Government from time to time.

The University College reserves the right to change any fees, deposits, and other charges or any other provisions of this section at any time and without prior notification to the student or their sponsor and any such changes shall have immediate effect.