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Media center is the room, which contains the audiovisual facilities that helps in production of lecture materials or learning content. With this room, lecturers/faculty can prepare students’ materials which are more engaging this means the faculty can have a PowerPoint with some videos and audios in it.

Media center used for video lectures recording, and also the students are welcome to utilize the facilities that KCMUCo have for their technological knowledge expansion. It is available all five working days of a week, used by all academic staffs that want to record video lectures for KCMUCo students.

At KCMUCo Media center found in Administration Block, Second floor with capacity of 5 peoples along with one iMac, 2 microphones (one tie mic & one USB mic ), three cameras (one USB camera, one recording camera full set with its stand & one document camera) it also have one drawing pad for drawings and other necessary tools like reflectors, green screen back ground, sound proof etc