Malaria Research Strategy

Malaria Group Theme

Vision Statement

To reduce malaria disease burden below public health concern through excellence in malaria research

Mission Statement

To build a sustainable capacity for ICH-GCP compliant trials, pharmacovigilance and epidemiological studies of malaria


1.To develop and maintain high quality researchers, research infrastructure and procedures for malaria studies

2.Enhance malaria research financing and sustainability

3.Strengthen community and public engagement in all stages of malaria research

4.Create awareness and promote consumption of research findings

5.Disseminate high quality malaria research findings through publications

Research facilities

Clinical trial and Field sites

  • KCMC has well established malaria research facilities such as malaria clinical trial unit located in Handeni district in Tanga region. This trial unit is part of the Handeni District (Town) hospital and is run and maintained by KCMC. Also there are several health facilities connected to this trial unit and to which studies conducted at Handeni trial unit can obtain participants from. These facilities include Chanika Health Centre mainly equipped for antenatal clinics, Kideleko Health centre and Mkata Helath centre all within Handeni district.


  • Biotechnology Research laboratory located within KCMC has state of the art facilities for both clinical and molecular analysis of samples. The lab is equipped with several sections and is GCLP compliant.
  • Next generation sequencing facility (Ilumina Miseq equipment) optimized for Malaria sequencing side to other pathogen sequencing such as bacteria and virus. This facility also available for users from outside KCMC. (link to Biotech lab facility)

Ongoing projects

  • IMPROVE (TRIA-2015-1076-IMPROVE)
  • IPTp cardio-safety trial (ITDCZF16)
  • Pfhrp2 project
  • gSG6-P1 project
  • Postdoc project (TBI)


  • Malaria research group collaborates with several local and international partners such as
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Danish Technical University
  • National malaria control Programme (NMCP)
  • National Institute for Medical Research, Tanga Centre
  • National Institute for Medical Research, Mwanza centre
  • London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • Radboud University, Nimegen The Netherlands
  • KEMRI – Wellcometrust (Killifi) Kenya
  • Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI), Uganda
Malaria Group Personel