The GSF Institutions including (KCMUCo, KCMC, and KCRI) were honored to host a delegation from Oshana Namibia including the Regional Governor Honorable Elia Irimari, The Ambassador of Namibia in Tanzania H.E Lebbius Tobia, the local High Officials of Authorities and different Business people.

This visit marks a pivotal moment in fostering international collaboration in the fields of medical education and healthcare development. The visit shared goals of improving health outcomes and building robust healthcare systems through joint initiatives and knowledge exchange. Both Namibia’s delegation and the GSF Institutions expressed high hopes for future collaborations, The enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by both parties underscore the potential for transformative impact through combined efforts. This successful visit not only strengthens the ties between Namibia and the GSF Institutions but also sets the stage for a productive partnership aimed at advancing medical education and healthcare services. The GSF Institutions look forward to working closely with Namibia’s delegation.