KCMUCo Admissions

General Information

Inquiries about admission into the Medical College for courses under the college should be addressed to: –

The Admissions Officer

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College,

P.O. Box 2240, Moshi, Tanzania

Tel: +255 (027) 2753616

Fax: +255 (027) 2751351

E-mail: admission@kcmuco.ac.tz

Website: www.kcmuco.ac.tz

Apply Online: KCMUCo Online

Admission and Registration Regulations

A  candidate is admitted to KCMU-College on the understanding that in accepting the admission he / she commits him/ herself to adhere to its, statutes, , regulations, charter rules and by-laws.  KCMU-College is an institution of higher learning and expects student behaviour on and off campus to be moral, ethical and legal. The college reserves the right to withdraw admission for conduct that is contrary to the objectives of the college.

Undergraduate admission process: All applications should be me made through Tanzania Commission for of Universities (TCU) at this website http://www.tcu.go.tz ostgraduate admission process: Application forms can be obtained from KCMUCo website. Completed application forms and all necessary supporting documents should be submitted to the admissions office before  the end of June of the year for which admission is being sought. Applications with relevant attachments, as shown below, should be addressed to the address above.

A copy of financial receipt in respect of application fees paid.

Completed application forms with copies of certified certificates

Completed medical examination forms

The academic year begins in the month of October each year (unless otherwise stated). This is preceded by the orientation week for first year students.


All students (including on-going students) must register with the Admissions Office at the first two weeks of every semester or on return from vacation.

Students will only be registered upon payment of prescribed fees

whose amount shall be determined from time to time.

Fees are payable in full at the beginning of the academic year or in two equal instalments at the beginning of each semester.

Fresh students must register themselves within two weeks from the first day of the orientation week.

Continuing students must complete all registration formalities within two weeks of the beginning of the semester.

No student shall be allowed to register or attend classes or sit for examinations at the college unless the required documents and fees had been submitted. Any student attempting to attend classes or access any other College facility without payment is subject to expulsion

Late registration will attract a penalty of 100,000/- TSh or 100/- USD.

No student arriving two (2) weeks after the academic semester has started will be allowed to register.

No students shall be allowed to postpone/freeze studies after the academic year has begun except under special circumstances.  Permission to postpone studies shall be considered after producing satisfactory evidence of the reasons for postponement.  Special circumstances shall include ill health and serious social problems.

No student shall be allowed to postpone studies during the two weeks preceding final examination but may be considered for postponement of examination.

For students who have been selected and registered postponement may be allowed for a period of one year only. In such cases however, placement in the following years is not guaranteed and may depend on availability of vacancies. When postponement has been allowed, the student needs to write to the college to confirm interest to join the relevant programme the following year. This confirmation should be done at least six (6) months prior to the beginning of the respective academic year. Beyond this time, the student will be required to reapply a new.

Students may be allowed to be away from studies for a maximum of two years, in case of undergraduate studies and one year in case of postgraduate studies.  If they are to be allowed, they will be re-admitted to the same year of studies where they left off.

 Student identification card

S tudents shall be issued identification cards, which they should wear at all times within the campus.

The identity card is not transferable and any fraudulent use may result in loss of student privileges or suspension.

Loss of the identity card should be reported to the office of Dean of Students where a new one can be obtained for TShs. 10,000/= (ten thousand only)

Academic integrity

The academic community of Tumaini University believes that one of the goals of a Christian Institution of higher education is to strengthen academic integrity and responsibility among its members. To this end, the University emphasizes the importance of sound judgment and personal sense of responsibility in each student.  All members of the academic community are expected to respect the highest standards of academic integrity.

Academic dishonesty is a serious offence at Tumaini

University Makumira because it undermines the bonds of trust and personal responsibility between and among students and faculty, weakens the credibility of the academic enterprise, and defrauds those who believe in the value of integrity of the degree or diploma.

A student who commits an act of academic dishonesty

shall face disciplinary action.

Admission Requirements

 General: – All courses are taught in English. Therefore it is imperative that students are proficient in reading, writing and speaking English. It is upon the candidate to satisfy oneself that he/she meets this important requirements.

Transfer from one Programme to another

Students who are recommended to repeat the first year of study may, subject to the approval of the College Academic Board and the Senate be allowed to transfer to a programme of their choice provided they meet the entry requirements of the programme.

Transfer Students from Another University

  Students transferring from another University, which has a similar  curriculum, will be considered for exemption by the Academic Board from taking corresponding courses and as per Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) guidelines of transferring students.  Transfer will be accepted if the student will have more than 50% of the remaining training time in our University.