Optometry is a profession concerning vision, the practice of which includes the determination and evaluation of the refractive status of the eye. It also includes the detection of the diseases both ocular and systemic and in the selection, design, provision, and adaptation of optical and optically related corrective measures. An Optometrist is a person qualified and authorized to practice optometry in all its aspects.

The profession of optometry is a combination of legal. Educational, practice management, service a delivery and public health initiative that is unique to every country. It based on culture, educational and regulatory frameworks. Optometry is more than just the correction of refractive error. Uncorrected refractive error is the second highest cause of blindness and the main cause of visual impairment globally.

The focus of the program is to qualify Optometrists who are competent, compassionate with a humane and holistic approach towards their patients. The quality of education imparted to the Students is constantly improved by upgrading teaching and learning methods through a continuous process.