Directorate of Quality Assurance

Dr. Titus Msoka (MD, MSc, PhD) - Director Quality Assurance

The Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMUCo) aspires to offer a setting for instruction, learning, research, community service, and support services that fosters creativity and yield results that meet the highest international standards. The mission and vision statements of KCMUCo reflect this admirable goal.

The College examined its quality assurance strategy and, in late 2013, established a unit in charge of organizing all monitoring and assessment of college activities in order to properly monitor and evaluate its development.

The monitoring procedure is strengthened by this Policy. The purpose of the change was, and continues to be, to foster an atmosphere in which employees and the institution can be held responsible for their deeds. It guarantees that research and education are carried out with the utmost integrity.

These are the duties of the Directorate of Quality Assurance:

  1. Plan, organize, manage, and implement the quality assurance policy’s operations both inside and outside the university;
  2. Ensuring that performance criteria are adequate and pertinent for all elements of university activity;
  3. Creating and routinely updating general operational manuals, tools for quality control, and internal policies to direct QA activities at the university level, as well as tools for internal assessment and evaluation;
  4. Observation and application of quality assurance procedures in accordance with the established criteria in all units;
  5. advising and directing implementation units on how to carry out QA operations;
  6. Coordination of internal quality assurance system self-evaluation
  7. Analysis of all QA reports and identification of issues for departmental, faculty/school, college, and university management to be aware of;
  8. Supporting the KCMUCo’s academic programs, administrative divisions, and external evaluation;
  9. Providing Management and units with the findings of external evaluations;
  10. Monitoring the application of assessment suggestions from both internal and external sources;
  11. Compiling current QA issues in higher education (resulting from discussions and actions in regional and international contexts) and informing the university community and Management as necessary;
  12. Informing the Vice Chancellor on the KCMUCo QA system’s operation and the University’s overall quality status;
  13. Establishing connections between KCMUCo and professional organizations, national, regional, and international standards

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These Regulations apply in all examination conducted in KCMUCo