Directorate Of ICT

 ICT Services at KCMUCo.

The use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is a valuable tool to enhance the learning experience and accessing resources. KCMUCo invested heavily on ICT in order to easily deliver medical education at a higher quality and acceptable standards.

Internet Accessibility.

KCMUCo has installed a Fiber Optic Cable (National Network Backbone) receiving 30Mbps from TTCL (Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited). The internet will be accessible around campus providing a reliable and efficient Internet connection to students, faculty members and staff.

Wireless Coverage & Connectivity.

KCMUCo provides a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) to students, faculty and staff allowing the internet to be accessed from most places on campus. The wireless coverage is freely available 24/7 to registered students, faculty members, staff and guests who visit KCMUCo.

Internet services enable medical education at KCMUCo to be delivered in a modern technology without altering quality and standards based on Tanzania and international standards.

Video Tele – Conference Facility at KCMUCo.

KCMUCo is equipped with four (4) Cisco Coded Video Tele-conferences, which are used for communications all over the world, and facilitates virtual classes between KCMUCo and other institutions.

Tablets for Medical Students & Faculty Members

To ensure the full integrated of technology at KCMUCo, MEPI has secured access to tablets for each medical student and faculty members. This allows the medical education community to have access to the educational materials outside of the campus grounds.  Since 2010/2011, to 2015/2016 each medical student has been given a new tablet to facilitate their studying.