Good SAmaritan Hostels

The computer lab aims to provide basic functional computer services for users who may not have access to such technology at home or elsewhere.

Medical Laboratory at KCMUCo

Medical Laboratory Sciences Students in practical at KCMUCo Laboratory.

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Provost KCMUCo

The goal of KCMUCo is to Enhance Health capacity to carry out its core mission and respond effectively to its internal and external environments, Mobilize and optimize the use of human and physical resources.

Transforming Health Proffesionals in Tanzania

Alumni & Graduates Tracking

To all Alumni, friends, collaborators, Partners, Researchers, Academicians, Students, and well-wishers – THE CATALYSTS of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College [KCMUCo]

Greetings to all,

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College became operational on October 1st, 1997 as a Christ-Centered Institution, starting with the Faculty of Medicine and later expanding to incorporate more faculties, institutes, and directorates. Read More


Student's Information & News

Downloads for Diploma Occupational Therapy

New Application Window

New Application Window for Postgraduate programmes MMED ENT,  is Open from 26th Aug to 30th Sept 2020.

The following applicants have been selected to join various postgraduate programmes. You are are required to log in on your O
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