Faculty Of Nursing

Dr. Jane Rogathi - Dean Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of Nursing.

In 1946 the government started a 3 year course programme with additional one year  midwifery course for girls. The course offered a level two general Nursing and midwifery certificate.

in 1946 a four year integrated Nursing course secondary school leavers were started. This course awarded level 1 general Nursing and midwifery certificate. Since then upgrading courses in various specialties were established and awarded diplomas until 1990 when it was upgraded to offer advanced diplomas.

The number of degree opportunities remains quite limited compared with the demands for more educated nursing professionals in Tanzania in October 1999 the Faculty of Nursing was established within KCMU-College aiming at meeting the challenging health care needs.


To educate and produce nurses and midwives who will be able to address present and future health care needs of Tanzania. Such Nursing Professional should be able to fulfill the roles of leadership, community oriented heath nurse, educator and practitioner.

The faculty of nursing objectives responds to the Tumaini University’s relating to teaching research and service. The faculty believes in acquisition of knowledge from past and present , as well as exploration of new knowledge in the advancement of lifelong learning development of critical thinking skills lead to the commitment of solutions of problems affecting the community

The graduate nurse will be equipped to be able to work within the health care system and his/her role will be to

  • Function as professional nurse in the social system
  • Utilize the nursing process effectively in the delivery of health care services to all populations across the life span ans in all settings
  • Provide leadership and managerial skills for of health and nursing  care within her/his scope of practice. Function effectively through self-motivation, education and self evaluation
  • Recognize the continued need for personal and professional growth in order to maintain competence in his/her practice.
  • conduct critique and utilize research results in improving nursing and health care
  • Apply scientific, social science, political and economic knowledge in analyzing and addressing social and professional problems,
  • Demonstrate professional knowledge, skills and competence in health promotion, risk reduction prevention and management of illness and diseases.
  • Demonstrate understating and appreciation of personal and professional values and recognize their impact on decision making and professional behavior as they relate to provision of care to clients.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how health care delivery systems are organized and financed and their effect on patient care services.
  • Demonstrate competence in teaching, planning, implementation and evaluation of educational and health programmes for different clients in different settings.
General Admission Requirements.

All courses are taught in English. Therefore it is imperative that students are proficient in reading, writing and speaking English. It is upon the candidate to satisfy oneself that he/she meets this important requirement and provides evidence therefore registering for any course at this college.