Student Welfare

Anza Amen Lema - Dean of Students

You are cordially welcomed to the office of Dean of Students. The KCMU College Dean of Students Office creates a culture of care for all students. The office is responsible for taking care of all aspects of students’ welfare ranging from social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual for the purpose of evolving a conducive university learning environment that will enable our students to realize their dreams. The Office supports student learning through programs and services that promote growth and development, communicate the values and standards of the KCMUCo community including advocating for students’ needs.

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Emma Mariki

DOS Secretary

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Hostel Manager

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Invocavity Kapanda

DOS Accountant

  1.  Students orientation programs
  2.  Serves as a link person between Students’ Government (TUMaSO – KCMUCo) and the University College Administration
  3.  Counseling services in various aspects such as career issues, relationship issues, financial challenges, academic life etc.
  4.  Coordination of Sports and games both within and outside the College
  5.  Working in liaison with the Chaplaincy department to ensure all students have access to spiritual services
  6.  Coordination of students’ activities in community engagement and partnerships
  7.  Loans and scholarships services for students in dire need
  8.  Immigration services particularly residence permits for international students and passport applications for local students
  9.  Taking charge of health insurance cover for all students
  10.  Coordination of Students Accommodation