BSc in Health Laboratory Sciences

The introduction of an undergraduate course for health laboratory scientists into our health care system aims at developing good practical, analytical and transferable skills applicable to a wide range of employment opportunities such as pharmaceutical research, pathology, and diagnosis as well as clinical trials. This will greatly improve the quality of laboratory services both medical and research oriented.

Broad Objective

This course aspires to educate qualified, responsible and reflective professionals for work in health laboratories.  The graduates of this course will be in a position of specialization in health laboratory sciences combined with the ability to work independently hence having a great input in the current health laboratory system in our country.

Specific Objectives
  • To work effectively as an individual and as a member of a team
  • To exercise leadership, initiative responsibilities
  • To appreciate   the role  of science in society and the ethical issues it raises
  • To design, evaluate and  implement new methods/protocols
  • To acquire an in-depth knowledge of scientific methods and principles.
  • To participate in continuing professional development
  • To contribute to the stewardship of the profession
Curriculum synopsis

The e-course is divided into introductory subjects taught in year 1 and principal subjects taught in year 2. Year 3 is devoted to research with the production of a dissertation and laboratory / industrial attachments.

Direct Entry

Three principal passes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with minimum entry of 6 points. Whereby one must have at least C grade in Chemistry and at least grade in Biology and E grade in Physics.

Equivalent Entry

All equivalent applicants may apply for the above programs if they meet the requirements stated below:

  1. Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with at least Five (5) passes including two credit passes in Chemistry and  Biology and a D grade in Physics PLUS appropriate Diploma or Advanced Diploma with an average of “B+’’ or GPA of 3.5


BSc (lower second) majoring in Physics/Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology /Zoology.