Library rules & Regulations

Library regulations are designed to create a conducive and comfortable learning environment for all library users and ignorance of these shall not be accepted as an excuse for their non-observance.


  • Books can only be borrowed using a current student card and library materials should not be taken out of the library unless properly issued.
  • All borrowers shall be required to present their identity cards at the issue desk every time they visit the library.
  • Library materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date.
  • Student cards should not be loaned/transferred to other readers.
  • Lost cards should be reported immediately to the library.

Overdue Books

  • Books must be returned by the due date or earlier if recalled by the Librarians. Failure to return a book by the date specified shall be treated as a serious offence. The Librarians shall endeavour to send overdue notices but shall not be held responsible for no delivery under whatever circumstances.
  • Any borrower, including a member of the academic staff, who fails to return/renew a book on due date shall be liable to a fine of 500/- per book per day until the book has been returned.


  • At the end of the loan period books borrowed must be either returned or renewed. A book may only be renewed once and provided that another reader has not requested it.

Loss and Damage of library materials

  • Damaged books shall be charged as a lost book or the re-binding costs whichever is appropriate.
  • Lost book shall incur a cost. The cost shall be calculated by the replacement value of the book, which may exceed the original cost of the item, plus an administrative charge. If the title is not in print, it shall be replaced by something similar in content and price.
  • Readers must not damage or deface library property. The cost of replacement shall be charged if an item on loan is found to be damaged on return.


  • Any staff member who refuses to pay the fines or replacement cost of lost books shall be liable to have these costs recovered from her/his salary through the Bursar’s office. In case of students costs shall be recovered from their caution monies.