MMED Ophthalmology

The program objectives are to train fully competent ophthalmologists who will be able to practice in our environment and further develop themselves to the subspecialist level. The graduated trainees will be able to function as comprehensive ophthalmologists providing both medical and surgical services as well as optical services. The graduated trainees will be able to practice in a resource-limited environment applying appropriate technology armed with know-how, attitude, and ethics associated with the profession.

3.4 Exit Levels:

There will be only one final exit in this programme, the candidate will exit at UQF 9 and will be awarded MMed Ophthalmology Degree, after passing all the prescribed courses. The MMed Degree will be conferred to candidates who meet all the KCMUCo Tumaini University Makumira requirements in no more than five years after admission to MMed Ophthalmology Programme.

3.5 Programme Expected Learning Outcomes and it’s Associated Teaching / Learning Activities and Assessment Criteria:

3.5.1. To be a competent specialist in the practice of general medical and surgical ophthalmology.

3.5.2. To have a command of the principles and practice of optics and refraction.

3.5.3. To have an understanding of the scientific basis of diseases as well as the scientific basis clinical and surgical practice.

3.5.4. To have the knowledge, skills, attitude and ethics associated with the profession of ophthalmology.

3.5.5. To understand the relevance, magnitude and intervention measures required for prevention of blindness and ophthalmic public health.

3.5.6. To understand the principles and practices of low vision therapy and rehabilitative ophthalmic medicine.