The History of Authors day for Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) KCMUCo goes back to April 2018. During that time young scientist Mr. Jeremia J Pyuza (who by then was a third year medical student at the College), shared the idea of launching his book on titled “Climbing to the peak of learning success” with his Mentor and friend Dr. Elichilia R. Shao. Committee for the book launching was formed and Dr. Elichilia R Shao was elected as chairperson. The author (Jeremia J. Pyuza) had to incur all the cost for book launching, including media coverage and general preparation.

Prof Egbert Kessi who was the Provost by then officially launched the book on 31st May 2018. The event was attended by number of senior academic and administrative members of the College and KCMC community. Press coverage was very well covered several stations including ITV, Radio one, Fountain Radio and Moshi FM.

Prof John F Shao, one of the founders of KCMUCo, Ex-Provost, EDR KCMC, Executive Secretary of The Good Samaritan Foundation of Tanzania and also former VC Tumaini University graced the launching event with a very motivating speech. During his speech, Prof Shao requested the Provost to officially schedule a day of publications for the College as part of motivating and inculcating culture of publications at the College. Following the genuine request and appreciating the efforts made by the young author ( Mr Pyuza) Prof.Egbert Kessi announced that very day of launching My Pyuza’s first book i.e 31st May every year to be an authors’ day for KCM-College and KCMC at large. To reiterate importance of publications by the academic staff, researchers and staff members, on 17 November 2018 during convocation day, the Provost accorded the young scientist and author, Jeremia J.Pyuza a recognition award and informed the audience that KCMUCo ALMANAC has incorporated the proposed date (31st May each year) as author’s day. In that day academicians and students across the country should be invited to take part in the event.

Following this opportunity on 12th May 2019 at 12:00, Dr. Elichilia R Shao and Jeremia J Pyuza went to the office of the new KCMUCo Provost Prof Ephata Kaaya even without prior appointment to share with him about preparation for the author’s day for the year 2019. While they were very worried that they will be turned off (because the new Provost was new and they had never met him before), to their surprise, they we were very warmly welcomed. The new Provost was very excited by the move and he promised to cover all related cost of the event. He involved the College DPA Prof. Declare Mushi on the same day to spearhead the process, and here we are today because of such commitment, material and moral support from the new Provost. This is the commitment everyone should imitate to move this College to the higher possible level. We are all happy and excited to see this event talking a new shape, and we say “together we can”. Let’s keep up this spirit by making individual and collective efforts for more publications every year. We are looking forward for the increasing number of authors year to year and endeavor to translate research findings to goods and services for the needy community. This move and spirit should be leading in producing education materials like books, articles, reports, video clips, and audios for the community to benefit. Let us be guided by the late Dr Mengi’s philosophy “I must, I can, I will” as a spirit of our success

Thank you for your attention and may God bless you all – Amen.