MSc in Clinical Research

This is a 2 years course covering the general field of clinical research, including clinical trials particularly in poverty related diseases: malaria, HIV-AIDS and tuberculosis. It consists of coursework and dissertation with a strong component of laboratory hands on skills.

Aim and objectives

To produce qualified scientists in the field of Clinical Research, with adequate scientific knowledge and skills to conduct independent or collaborative research in the interrelated disciplines of clinical research, in particular in carrying out Clinical Trials.

To  produce competent  candidates who   can pursue advanced studies leading to higher education, especially PhD.

To prepare graduates in  clinical and biomedical sciences for advanced teaching positions in the relevant subjects.

To provide opportunity and  an enabling  environment for clinicians and scientists to initiate and implement clinical research, as well as to share their knowledge and skills with other scientists, both nationally and internationally.

Part II Research Project, Dissertation Writing, Assessment and Oral Defense

 Full Proposal Development

 Total hours for first year 7

Dissertation (44 weeks)

Grand Total (Course work and Dissertation)

A candidate who fulfils the above conditions shall be awarded the degree of Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSc Clin Res) of Tumaini University Makumira, KCMU College.