MSc Medical Microbiology, Immunology with Molecular Biology

This programme is intended to provide knowledge, attitudes, and skills in understanding the interaction between the human body and the various disease aetiological agents and the application of techniques used in microbiology and immunology, in investigating the functioning of the human body in health and disease.  This highly specialized degree is intended to create competencies in highly specialized medical and biomedical fields and scientific attitudes relating to both public and individual health.


To provide strong postgraduate scientific knowledge and research techniques to enable the graduates to effectively take up careers in medical diagnostics, research, teaching, and industry.


To produce skilled graduates capable of developing and executing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for quality control and assurance (QC&QA) in medical, research, academic and industrial laboratories.

To produce graduates capable of integrating acquired knowledge and skills in solving community health problems.

To produce graduates capable of soliciting successfully for international research grants as Principal Investigators (PIs) or co-PIs

To produce graduates who can pursue further professions.


The dissertation will involve a relevant research project conducted by the candidate and should be written and bound accordingly to the KCMU College MSc dissertation regulations.

A  candidate who fulfills the above conditions shall be awarded the degree of Master of Science in Medical Microbiology, Immunology with Molecular Biology (MSc. MMIM) of Tumaini University Makumira, KCMU College. al/ career development opportunities at the Ph.D. level.