Pan-African Malaria Vector Research Consortium (PAMVERC)

PAMVERC was founded in 2008 as a consortium of three African vector control research sites specializing in the development and evaluation of malaria vector control products and interventions. The trial sites are located at Moshi and Muheza in Tanzania and in Cotonou, Benin. In partnership with PAMVERC there is an opportunity to undertake a broad evaluation of products and interventions to test their applicability across much of Africa

What we do.
What we do.

We work with organisations to develop products from initial stages of efficacy testing for raw materials and active ingredients through to fully formulated, commercially viable products. Where established protocols are not available for a new product, our expert scientists will design new methods and experiments to test the product. Most of our tests can be done in the state-of-the-art facilities at LSHTM in London. Products that require semi-field or field evaluation are tested at our unique field sites in the UK and in many other countries overseas.


  • Laboratory evaluation of topically-applied repellent formulations and impregnated textiles
  • Laboratory evaluation of spatial repellent products
  • Laboratory evaluation of insecticide-treated products (i.e. long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs), new insecticides, formulations, paints, textiles, etc.)
  • Semi-field and field evaluation of repellent and insecticide products
  • Laboratory, semi-field and field evaluation of traps and attractants/lures for traps
  • Evaluation of novel product types which may involve modification of standard methods as well as the development of new experimental set-ups
  • Arthropod identification
  • Clinical assessment of after-bite products