SeroSelectTB Profile

About the Project.

The SeroSelectTB project (RIA 2018D-2493) has received generous support from the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). SeroSelectTB is a multinational project coordinated by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Oslo, Norway). Partners include Stellenbosch University and Lateral Flow Laboratories (South Africa), Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (Tanzania), Armauer Hansen Research Institute (Ethiopia), National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (Netherlands), InVivo Biotech Services GmbH (Germany), Aether Dynamics Consulting & Trading GmbH (Austria), and E-MEDDIA (France).

Dr. Balthazar Nyombi
Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Research Scientist
Department of Health Laboratory Sciences Faculty of Medicine

Project objectives

Primary objective

To qualify the performance of SeroSelectTB and determine the extent to which the test reduces diagnostic delay and expedites treatment.

Secondary objective

To conduct cost-effectiveness evaluations of SeroSelectTB to support a value proposition to national and international stakeholders including regulatory authorities, and to support commercialization requirements.


A reliable rapid triage test will make it possible to identify and selectively treat those with active TB at the local healthcare level, reduce diagnostic delay and transmission. Importantly, Therefore, the expected impact includes accurate same-day diagnosis of patients with active TB, reduction of diagnostic delay and TB transmission (including drug-resistant TB), and diagnostic cost-savings for patients and healthcare systems in HBC.


Using the data generated in field trials and economic evaluations, we will seek SeroSelectTB authorization from national and international regulatory agencies, commercialization, and implementation in HBC. SeroSelectTB will be a valuable cost-effective and easy-to-use addition to routine laboratory-based TB diagnostic methods.