(Training Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence in East Africa)

About Thrive:

THRiVE 2, is a consortium of African and European institutions led by Makerere University. It includes 3 Universities (KCMUCo, Gulu University, and Makerere University), 3 research institutes (ICIPE in Kenya, UVRI in Uganda, NIMR in Tanzania) and 2 Northern Universities (LSHTM and Oxford Universities).

THRiVE-2 program started in March 2016 and it will end on February 2021.

THRiVE-2 mission ‘’is to empower African Institutions to become Research Engines for Health Innovations and Evidence-based Healthcare Practices and Policies’’.

THRiVE-2 program is a capacity building program. At KCMUCo/Tanzania THRiVE-2 supports; 5 PhDs, 2 Postdocs, 5 research masters grant, and 5 intern graduates. It also offers Career Development Awards in a competitive manner, and KCMUCo/ KCMC has 4 awardees in this category.  

THRiVE-2 consortium Funders: Wellcome Trust and AESA.

I: PhDs Fellows Research Topics

  • Robert Kaaya [KCMUCo/ LSHTM]: The influence of Pfhrp-II gene polymorphism and sub-microscopic parasitemia on mRDT performance in heterogeneous transmission settings towards malaria pre-elimination in Tanzania.
  • Mary Mosha [KCMUCo/ LSHTM]: Understanding modifiable factors associated with childhood overweight and obesity in Tanzanian primary schools: establishing a foundation for evidence-based obesity prevention intervention.
  • Dr. Rune Philemon [KCMUCo/ LSHTM]: Influence of exposure to previous PMTCT guidelines and challenges to adherence to feeding recommendations among HIV positive women using option B+ for PMTCT in Kilimanjaro.
  • Dr. Denna Michael [KCMUCo/ NIMR/ LSHTM]: Effects of HIV infection and ART use on fertility amongst women of reproductive age in Magu District, Tanzania: 1994 – 2018.
  • Dr. Ruby D. Mcharo [KCMUCo/ NIMR]: Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexual Behaviour among Young Adults attending Higher Learning Institutions in the Mbeya region, Tanzania.
  • Tirzah Tigoy [KCMUCo/ ICIPE]: Improving malaria transmission-blocking potency through structural modification compounds isolated from Star weed (Parthenium hysterophorus).
  • Joel Odero [KCMUCo/ ICIPE]: Zoonotic tick-borne pathogens within nomadic pastoral systems in selected counties of northern Kenya.

Post-Doctoral Fellows Research Topics:

  • Dr. Jovin Kitau [KCMUCo]: Pyrethroid-PBO impregnated blankets for control of malaria in humanitarian emergencies.
  • Dr. Irene Kiwelu [KCMUCo]: HIV-1 drug resistance mutations and associated risk factors among patients failing first and second-line treatment failure in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania.

II: Masters Grant_ ongoing and fellows who have completed:

  • Dr. Annete Baine [MMed Pediatrics_ 2017/18]: Immediate outcomes of preterm babies presenting with respiratory distress syndrome treated with bubble-crap compared to oxygen at KCMC
  • Dr. Oregeness Mbwambo [MMed Urology_2017/18]: Single, double or multiple doses of antibiotic prophylaxis in the transurethral reaction of prostate patients: RCT among catheterized urology patients at KCMC from August 2017 – February 2018
  • Shabani Mziray [MSc MIMM_ 2018/19]: Characterization od HIV-1 in patients failing to respond to first-line antiretroviral therapy in Moshi municipality.
  • Dr. Denis Katundu [MMed ENT_ 2019/20]: Tonsilar microbes, their antibiotics sensitivity and effect of amoxicillin on the reduction of infection, carriage, and co-morbidities among patients undergoing tonsillectomy in northern Tanzania.

III: Career Development Awardees:

  • Dr. Michael J. Mahande [IPH_2017/18]: Barriers and facilitators for modern contraceptive use among women of reproductive age in Ushirombo district, North-Western Tanzania: a mixed-method study in preparation for intervention.
  • Beatrice Leyaro [IPH_2017/18]: Strengthening menstrual hygiene research across East Africa.
  • Dr. Hadija Semvua [Pharmacy 2019/2020]: The effect of diabetes mellitus on the pharmacokinetics of first-line TB drugs in the first 2 months on intensive TB treatment. the
  • Dr. Eusebious Maro [Obstetrics & Gynaecology_2019/2020]: Magnitude of infertility related health-seeking behavior and psychosocial effects among couples in northern, Tanzania.

IV: Intern Grant Awardees:

  • Judges Tibelerwa [IPH_2017/18]: Skilled Birth Attendnce use in Mbeya region, Tanzania